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SwitchRay/ALOE (Mera) - MVTS Pro Session Border Controller


MVTS Pro is Class 4 softswitch and SBC delivering unique combination of capabilities for VoIP sessions management. MVTS Pro dramatically simplifies network management chores by providing seamless interoperability of multi-vendor equipment, ensuring network protection and enabling quality of service (QoS) management.

As an SBC, it is very powerful solution with transcoding, h323/sip and storing infinite number of cdrs capabilities.

Competitive edges of MVTS Pro:

  • Up to 1,000 cps per traffic entry point

  • Up to 70,000 concurrent calls in minimal configuration

  • Multi-protocol support on the core level

  • H.261 and H.263 video support

  • Multi-level redundancy schemes, including geographic redundancy

  • Geographically distributed architecture: one switch may cover all your needs

  • Very flexible routing, including quality-based routing and possibility to create different routing formulas for different customers

  • High level of integration into the existing network infrastructure

  • Ease of maintenance and configuration

  • Disconnect code mapping

  • Advanced debugging tools

  • Building up Carrier’s Network with MVTS Pro

Being a key element of the VoIP network, MVTS Pro functions as a:

  • SIP/H.323/SIGTRAN signaling proxy

  • SIP-registrar

  • Call agent

  • H.323 RAS endpoint

  • H.323 Gatekeeper

  • RADIUS NAS port

MVTS Pro is a flexible solution that easily integrates into the existing network. A RADIUS API allows interaction with external billing applications and billing management systems.

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